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Did you know ..?


     Our black forest deli ham is a natural juice water added


     Our deli turkey is house cooked


     We serve 81 % lean fresh hamburgers


     The deli roast beef is house cooked lean eye round of beef


     All of our beef is stamped USDA Select or better


     Beef used at market Carvery & Exhibition station is Certified Angus Beef


     Our fresh produce is delivered daily ..... selected Local produce daily from Wilcox


     Yogurt & granola parfaits are made with Stonyfield Organic Brand Yogurt


     We only serve high quality salad dressings


     Our pizza is prepared with 100% mozzarella cheese..... no fillers


     Our pasta and gravy sauces are house made


     Meatballs at Trattoria are house made with 81% lean beef .like Mamas




We are food service professionals who are passionate about food and how it

is prepared. Now you know about the quality and passion we have about

serving youour customer!

Dining Services News at UofA Science and Technology Park


Breaking News

Credit Card Service - Amex, Visa, Master Card

  • Starbucks open till 3 pm Closes @ 2 pm for OFF Raytheon Fridays
  • Available now - stamps, batteries, asprin, cards, etc.
  • Daily Specials and beverages
  • Outtakes Cooler for "grab & go" items - sandwiches, salads,parfait & fruit cups
  • LTO- Starbucks Happy Hour- Starbucks open M - Th. till 3 pm. New lounge seating, Flat Screen TV, new snacks.

                                 Now serving Seattle's Best coffee....located at beverage central in the cafe

          A La Carte pricing at every station.

  • Value fountain beverage - 32 oz. for $ 1.89 on selected entree purchases
  • Daily Pannini sandwiches and Flatbread Melts
  • Outtake salads, parfaits, sandwiches....on the go, quick service



Breakfast        6:30am - 9:00am

Continental    9:00am - 10:00am  - bakery items at Starbucks and display racks

Lunch            11:00am - 1:00pm


Monday - Friday 7 am - 1 pm

closed on Raytheon OFF Fridays


         6:30am - 2:00pm coffee, grab & go items - sandwiches, salads,snacks, etc.


Starbucks.... looking good!  Drop by for iced Chai or Latte


Monthly Nutrition Tips


1. Although whole wheat bread is better for you than white bread, white bread isn't bad for you.  All types of bread provide essential nutrients. The main advantage of eating whole wheat bread is its higher fiber content.

2.  Honey and brown sugar are fine to use as sweeteners, but don't think you're eating healthier just because you use them.  White sugar and honey are nearly identical chemically, although honey has a slightly higher amount of minerals.  Brown sugar is simply white sugar colored with molasses.

3.  Salt isn't as bad as some would have you believe, unless you are susceptible to high blood pressure.  Your body needs salt to insure the transmission of nerve impulses and the contractions of the heart and other muscles.  A healthy body will void itself of too much salt.

4.  Salads are not always as healthy for you as you may believe, particularly if made with iceberg lettuce, which has virtually no nutritional value.  Choose other types of lettuce or spinach to get more vitamins, minerals and fiber.

5.  Vitamin supplements cannot correct a poor diet.  They cannot undo damage done to your body by having too high an intake of fat, sugar, or salt, and do not contain fiber or give you more energy.